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Bradenton Oaks Assisted Living located in Bradenton Florida, in two separate incidents have been implicated in a report that they physically abused one of their residents.Since the incidents were reported to the DCF (Florida Department Of Children & Families) The DCF has already gone on site and began an investigation on the matter.

In addition to reports of abuse to both the DCF and ACHA (Agency For Health Care Administration) Bradenton Oaks Assisted Living Facility, Owned By TJM Properties located in Clearwater Florida, is also facing possible future civil suits related to the "Whistleblower Protection Act" & Civil Harassment Charges by myself on behalf of my parents. This arrogant management team and workforce starting from the president of TJM Properties, (Who incidentally has a criminal record) to the staff members who seem to be lacking in training and experience, have demonstrated their ability to dance around Florida laws in pursuit of the almighty dollar. Unfortunately, the same laws in place to offer the public affordable alternative living options also provide some of the facilities offering those alternatives with loop holes in cutting service and products to residents at extremely low levels, and all within the law. Not all assisted living facilities operate like this one and many of them have provided a good alternative life for independence and happiness.

However, this facility has mastered their art in attracting desperate people in desperate times with small budgets to their facility and then profiting from that desperation.Bradenton Oaks will paint you a pretty picture before you sign on the dotted line, but that pretty picture will fade very quickly once they have you.

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Nice to see how many people have disputed one person's unfortunate experience.Remember, it's an emotional move - no one ever really wants to move from the comfort of their home.

But it's great to know places like Bradenton Oaks, filled with caring professionals, exist for people in time of their most urgent need.

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its true Bradenton oaks is a true dump as a former employee I have seen first hand the level of abuse and extreme filth.First the good employees are insulted and taking advantage of by management .If you work hard and show up on time, don't expect any raise.

But if you want to hang out in the Executive directors office all day and *** in the kitchen then you'll get your yearly 3%.The ED only cares about a dollar, doesn't mind making employees still things from one resident to give to another. The building Is disgusting the residents use the same bathrooms as staff and visitors. there is always *** and urine in residents rooms soiled diapers. people are left in bed in diapers for entire shifts.

the kitchen is full of roaches and once a year the building is infested with "wood worms" red worms that have a hard covering. animals live and sleep with residents drinking out of toilets.

The residents let the filthy animals eat out of the dishes and then return them to the kitchen .Most of the older employees are EX Crack heads.basically if you want your mom or dad to hate their life and be robbed and have all their precious heirlooms stolen then move right on in to Bradenton oaks We should all pray for the people that are living there.

Good worker

I find this hard to believe is this site even legal!?I work there and am so passionate about my residents...there like family.

I would not always belive the internet!

Come check it out for yourself.I have worked there for over four years and never seen abuse.Mabey some one got made over somthing and is a little upset?


You are out of your mind!My parents have lived at Bradenton Oaks for 2 and a half years and every complaint that I have ever had was taken care of instantly.

Have you ever thought maybe you have unrealistic expectations? So many people my age have complained about similar issues yet you all do the same thing. If you are so dissatisfied, and have been, then why did you keep your mom there and not move her?

Negativity and putting others down will never get you anywhere in life.Good luck in the future, I hope it works out for you.


This man is a bully.I have seen him in action.

If he does not get his way he screams and yells, disrupting everyone where I live. He screams at the staff and the managers and his parent is a bully too.

The DCF was called on him and his parent for being abusive to other residents and staff, he has it all wrong.Bradenton Oaks is a wonderful place to live.You can talk to any of us residents, except maybe his parent and all of us will tell you the same thing.


My parents have lived there for last 3 years and this is absolutly bull. They have loved our parents and taking care of them as if they were their own. its a shame that you would say such nonsense.

Happy Family


This place is horrible !

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